Paid Parody, Sheckles

  • The poem at life’s end
  • Is all that I can send.
  • Its the last desperate lurch
  • Of a parrot on its perch.

My Favourite Albums that are available on YouTube, #2

The Fall are difficult to write about because their music absorbs every comment.

For that lucky few who know, The Fall happen to be the most important group that have ever existed. To marry a defiant, belligerent working-class ethos with artistic sensibility, and to remain as unflinching as they have been for 40 years ought to be admired. To those in the cult it is. To most it is an absurd caricature or a quirky irrelevance. Most people are morons though.

This particular track has everything an initiate needs to understand them. The shabby but simultaneously tight rhythm, the paranoiac lyrical overtones, lines that conceptually and continually collapse into one-another, that threaten to become incomprehensible but never quite do. Intelligence without bourgeois status. An unseen past is expressed in a mere syllable.

12 / 12 Pak Choi

My Favourite Albums that are available on YouTube, #1

It is a shame that by the time Yoko Ono got into the life of The Beatles everything was already more-or-less dead with them. It is less of a shame that Yoko Ono was blamed for that influential split that has heavily influenced band-based machismo since. But it is still a shame that it leads to that conceit: to never get women involved in rock music.

Obviously, this record tries to do something else – to use and abuse rock rhythms in a deeply subversive way that turns guitar feedback into a female voice: then, to marry that sound with the broader concept of John and Yoko’s marriage. Love was a part of it, but love was used as an excuse. John Lennon was more than aware of how the concept of love can be used to sell records – it was The Beatles’ main selling point after all. Yoko didn’t care about any of that sentiment… her indifference to all that gushing nonsense was and is her primary selling point, and that is why the patriarchs can’t stand her.

This album works well in the brain of any Krautrock aficionado. The screaming vocals sound like Amon-Duul before Amon-Duul II or before Amon-Duul itself. Can were obviously inspired by it, and Can have heavily influenced every decent live music group in their wake. Even the recently deceased and temporary lightening rod David Bowie. Experimentation without any need for verse or chorus management turns out to be a liberating listen. Yoko Ono screaming her lungs out on a record happens to be a good thing. I salute her continued courage and recommend a listen.

17/17 Bananas


The new idea for this blog is to cut and paste emails I would have written to friends who presumably now consider my logorrhoea a mere eccentricity undeserving of even a token reply. Like a politician, the compulsive writer should never be encouraged by voting. From grim experience as a writer, that will not stop him, but may drive the politician into more radical terrain. Terrain which may drive writer or politician insane.

Super Strength Writing

Like Dostoevsky, the contribution to the comments section of this review manages to be tragic and funny at the same time.

Beyond the usual squalid proselytizing, most of it is prose well written. The alcoholic has at least two people squabbling inside of his head – demonstrably, this a situation which can induce the rattling off of decent psychodrama.


  1. Current Employment Status

Paul is a writer

but due to lack of work and no income

he is looking at retraining

to gain viable skills

to secure income.

Paul has moved

up to Nelson

from London

and is living with his parents.

  1. Previous Job Experience

When Paul was working in London,

he was a professional writer.

He did this for 8 years.

Before this Paul worked

at JobCentre Plus in Sheffield.

While at University,

Paul worked at various employers doing

Warehousing, and

Distribution Operative, and

packing goods for distribution.

  1. Skills and abilities

No Driver’s License.

Easily adaptable to multiple roles.

Strong listening skills.

Strong communication skills.

Strong customer service skills.

Strong telephone skills.

Strong writing skills.

Strong attention to detail.

  1. Working / Learning Preference

Paul is seeking

to enter into a new sector

and is seeking

to learn practical skills

to better his chances

of gaining employment

in this field.

  1. Barriers to Employment / Learning

Paul has started

looking for work other than writing.

His degree is not broad enough

to allow Paul to enter

into different sectors of the labour.

Paul has looked at office work,

but does not wish to work in an office.

Bankrupt BNP Disco

I learned how not to leave the house

in early 2015, a bit like Tsipras

or that bloke from Podemos

or so I thought.


The planet’s dead and all we do are courses.

I do not care about debts

because UKIP rednecks

scare ducks while


socialists cling to their almighty curse

that dull is their moderate

and their suicide is useless

(my life is bleeding).


The cross-hair of normal clips into a purse

which redefines a heart.

A good career is art

but not truth.


This is for a person still untaught

or for somebody whose life is fraught.

Never get caught

brown or sunburnt.